I have previously mentioned what my kids' names are, but in case you don't know, they are Max Henry, Mia Cynthia and the future, Ivy Paige. With Mia we debated whether we should have an "M" name or a 3 letter name. Maybe we could name her Maxine Henrietta? Well, for obvious reasons, we didn't. Here are some other examples that are a "shouldn't." These are really names. I guess you can't knock them til you try them.

A girl once worked for me, she had a normal name, so normal I can't even remember what it was. Her sister, also normal named, had twins. How exciting! Even more exciting? The twins were named Potpourri and Abracadabra? Hello? I don't even think that I can spell Abracadabra, let alone seeing how a kindergartner would spell it. I hope she writes small because that is a heck of a name to be scrawling across a piece of notebook paper. As for Potpourri, I don't think I spelled that correctly either. I am used to smelling it, not writing it.

When I lived in Texas, it was rumored there were twins named Ima and Ura Hogg. Nice, and a very effective way to keep your daughters from having an active social life. I have also been personally acquainted with an Ash Leigh Lee(that being her middle and last name), Vanity, Bezora, LaKeitha, and how can I forget, Shemetra? And I thought we put alot of time and energy into Mia and Ivy!

There are people that put alot of thought in what they want to call their children. I have a friend that has 2 little girls and her third was on the way. The girls' names started with a K and ended with a Y. She and her husband wanted the third girl to have the same combination. It is perfectly understandable of course. We struggled with should we have another M name that had 3 letters? The only name we could really think of was May. No, hubby dated a May, not happening. I struggled with what to name my friend's baby. Ha, like she was going to take my advice. I offered some names and she and her hubby finally decided on a cute and creative name with a K and a Y. Creative, but not Abracadabra(thank God), and that baby is lucky her parents aren't crazy. I was rather shocked when Kadorcasy was taken off the table but I fully understand and didn't take it personally.

In the grand scheme of things, I think it is of the utmost importance to name your child something reasonably normal. Notice I said, reasonably. No silent letters, nothing that sounds foreign that isn't. Case in point, my godson's name is Nyjol Ashley. That is Nigel, not "Knee Hole" as a nurse called him. I nearly passed out from laughter when I heard it. Out of deference for him and his mother, I called out, "That is Nigel." The nurse responded, "I didn't think any of you looked Hispanic." I'm not sure where the conversation was going so I excused myself to go finish guffawing in private.

So, please keep in mind that a child's name is with them forever. Subject to school yard taunting etc. your child may become very bitter and refuse to pay for your retirement home costs. We'll see what my kids think down the road.