I am in bed, propped up with a thousand pillows, reading, when my book gets knocked off my imposing tummy. I think that I am dozing, but it happens again. It kind of hurts! I call her Daddy and tell him that there is clearly a party in my tummy. If you watch that hideous "Yo, Gabba, Gabba," you will know of what I am referring to. He looks at me like I am crazy. Then, he sees it. Ivy has her head jammed into my right side, but she is clearly trying to escape out of my left side. It is undulating and looks totally weird. Daddy looks a little freaked out, as I do.

On another note, I have still been spared stretch marks but have an itch that is indescribable. I feel like I rolled around in poison ivy! I woke up scratching the other night. Not to mention that I have a small patch of dry skin right at my hairline. I dare not say dandruff. It is only right there, but of course, it itches. I am breaking out the cocoa butter tonight. Daddy should be happy!


Sara said...

He, he, he! Glad someone else has a baby trying to escape the wrong way. Gotta tell Miss Ivy the rules of getting out!