Bella Bands

I saw Bella Bands on Amazon and was very curious. When I was pg with Mia, I just let it all hang out, so to speak. I thought about getting something like these but just never got around to it. The thing about the Bella Bands is that they can keep your pants on! I have jeans that I can't button, probably because I am just fat. Anyway, with the Bella on, I have been able to wear whatever I want to. I am so not ready for maternity pants. I bought some but I don't want to resort to them until I absolutely have to. I am already fighting with my body, no need to move prematurely into ugly pants and with the Bella, I don't have to. They will make some killer tube tops when I am doing being pregnant. Of course, I am totally kidding!

On another subject, Mia and I were in Walmart today. The lady behind me asked how old Mia was. I told her she would be 4 in November and she let me know that she had a daughter the same age and a 15 month old daughter. I asked her how that was going, you know, get a little insight from someone that is in the toddler/baby trenches. Her reply, "I take Zoloft." Nice.


CNH said...

Hey, did you know it's 2009 in your world already!?!?! :D

MamaMia said...

Yeah, well the dates are a prob that I haven't fixed. If you want the blog to have the first post first, it is a bit of a prob. I wish it was 2009, though!