Gas Attack!

I figured that I would revisit Taco Shop for some unknown reason. I guess that is what I was hungry for it, even though I had some pretty killer diarrhea from it last time. Everything was fine. I took a little nap, but got up early because I was really excited to be going to bunco. I haven't been mingling much, so it kind of messed with my nap. All went well at bunco, I didn't have to pee too much and I ate some good Alfredo pizza and breadsticks. Afterwards, we all hung out in Dawn's yard and gabbed. I felt really hot and the humidity and bugs were getting me. I didn't say anything because I don't think it was because I am pg that it all was bothering me. It just is because I am me and hate the heat, humidity and being eaten alive by mosquitoes. Steph and I got on the turnpike and immediately I feel a HUGE bubble passing through my intestines. It feels like I am going to fart something serious, like I should tell Steph just to pull over and get out, lest she pass out while driving. I shift around, trying to get more comfortable. The bubble goes away. Bubble comes back. Man, I think I am going to shit my pants! That would be pretty freaking embarrassing. Not that Steph doesn't know, or rather, hasn't seen, some of the pretty dumb stuff I do, but shitting my pants in her car, is something that I would rather reserve for family members, and even them I would try to spare. We pull up and I tell her thanks and sorry but I have to go to the bathroom, NOW. I get the keys, run for the door, twist the key in the lock and know that the safety latch is latched. Bobby has luckily heard me and opened it quickly. I throw him out of the way and hit the bathroom. I will leave all the gory details out, but let's just say that I made it in the nick of time. I spared Steph and her van, and that was my prime goal. I promise not to eat Taco Shop until Baby Lawrence is here. Then again, if I eat it and nurse, I could see real trouble again.