Ah, dreaming!

It seems like all I do lately is dream about food. Actually, it isn't really dreaming, as I still am not sleeping much, it is more like fantasizing. I want to eat EVERYTHING! I'm not really having cravings, I just want to eat. I had some Heavenly Snow tonight, wedding cake flavored, yum! Yesterday, I had some frozen pound cake. Thank you, Sara Lee! I have also enjoyed a rather big portion of Doritos, with a side of American cheese slices. The other night, I was so hungry, I nearly got up to make a grilled cheese sandwich. I wanted to see the butter melted to a nice, golden brown, while the cheese oozes out after I tore into it. My mouth was literally, watering. Bobby prevented me from getting up, so I just laid in bed and tossed and turned. I probably woke a million more times, thinking of something that I would love to eat, but couldn't. Right now, I am off to find something to eat. Where did I hide the Little Debbie Peanut Butter Bars?