Positive or Not?

I make an appointment with my doctor to see if I am really pregnant. I go, I wait, I pee. I have been to the doctor's office once a week for the past 3 weeks. Once for my yearly physical, for an internal sonogram and then for the results of yet another pregnancy test. Nothing was detected on the sono and I had to tell my doctor that I was pregnant when he called to let me know there were no problems. He is thrilled because he not only said that my husband and I make "beauitful babies" but he and his wife had a baby late in their 30's and he raves about how much fun it is. Keep in mind, he goes to work all day, leaving his wife with 4 kids.

The test is positive, go figure. I am sent to the lab, where they withdraw 3 gigantic tubes of blood. They also want more pee, which I can't give. I'm not to the go pee every 5 seconds stage yet. The doctor tells me that all the results will be sent to my OB/GYN, and wasn't I lucky I just had a Pap? Yeah, lucky.

The doctor determines that I am around 3 weeks pg, with a rough due date of January 18, 2009. My wonderful, caring, sweet, loving husband immediately comments that he hopes I will have my C-section early. You know, that extra tax deduction. How thoughtful!

I call and make the appointment with Dr. Depew. I tell the woman that answers that I am old and only 3 weeks along. She insists that it is not necessary to see me before I am 8 weeks. Ok, whatever. She gets all of the insurance info, period info etc. and says I am actually probably 5 weeks instead. I'm not sure how a person that answers the phone in the office is qualified to change my due date but, whatever. My first appointment is May 29th.


Anonymous said...

Hey! The tax deduction thing was NOT the first thing out of my mouth! "Are you kidding" was the first thing out of my mouth!