Eating and Exercise-Or What I Put in My Mouth is Going Right to My Butt

I haven't had any nausea lately but food and/or eating doesn't have much of an appeal for me. I know I need to eat and I do, but nothing is really hitting the spot. Or, everything is hitting the spot and it is stuff I shouldn't be relying on for good nutrition. For instance, I am loving those Little Debbie Nutty Bars and nachos from Taco Bueno. I suppose that I have a little room in my diet for these things because we are walking alot more now. Of course, I am not fond of any exercise so it is a challenge. We actually took 2 walks on Sunday. It is so hot and humid here. Like Hell, hot. I can't stand it! I hate to sweat, and sweating while pg is even worse. The sad thing is that I know I am going to show earlier than I did with Mia. I was about 6 months along before I required any maternity clothes. I don't think that is going to happen this time. Ugh!