It's Official

Bobby and I went for our first of about a million visits with Dr. Depew. He looks about 3 years older than the last time, ha, ha. Who am I kidding? I look more than the 3 years that have passed since he delivered Mia. We meet in the nice, new office, so new, the staff can't figure out where some of the necessary stuff is. I hop on the table for my sonogram. He can't see anything, which just reinforces my thought that I'm not really pregnant at all. He decides that an internal sono is exactly what is needed. I am a pro at these because I just had one 3 weeks ago. Sure enough, I have a uterus! But, there is but a wee, tiny bun in the oven. Measuring at almost 7 weeks, we got to hear the heartbeat, and see that maybe we are closer to a blueberry than that piece of rice! I am scheduled for another sono in 2 weeks, than I am month to month. We agreed on a future C section and were on our way. I came home with an armload of baby info that will take til he/she is born to read and the knowledge that we are on our way to having another baby!


Jennifer C said...

I am so excited for you!!!! I hope you have those sono pics up!