1st Doctor Visit

Tomorrow is the big day! I am going to visit Dr. Depew. I got the call to remind my "mommy brain" that my appointment is tomorrow at 910, a weird time, I think. The woman was kind of enough to tell me that he had moved his office. That saved me having to drive 15 minutes out of my way and look more like an idiot than I already look. Luckily, he has moved right behind the birth center, and having spent 8 or so weeks there learning how to have a baby, it is a good possibility that I can find it.

I am betting that I am not as far along as I have been told. That will pretty much suck because, not only am I a firm believer in instant gratification, but I am also packing on the pg pounds, and it really sucks. I am a bloated mess with gigantic boobs. I won't even get into my emotional side, lest I get angry or start to cry, and never finish this post.

I am looking forward to the first sonogram to see what my little blueberry looks like. Maybe it is actually more like arborio rice sized, but that is ok too. I am in for the long haul, no matter the food group my little bun is categorized in.