My family and I have been gone a total of 4 days now. Seattle is beautiful, cloudy one minute, sunny the next. We are enjoying our time, eating and socializing. Mia and I have snuck in some catnaps because I am just totally exhausted. I have been climbing, literally, a million stairs a day. My abdominal muscles feel like rubber bands, lots of pulling. I am pretty pleased because the size of my boobs seems to be on a more level course, meaning that they don't feel like they have grown by leaps and bounds in the past couple of days. I have noticed something different though. It appears that I have hijacked a ham from Costco and stuffed it under my shirt. I believe that I am officially showing! No longer can I blame an enlarged tummy on too much pasta salad and chocolate mousse cake, I am going to have to own up, that I am in fact, only going to get bigger. Watch out world, I have popped!