I am a true life baby, as tiny as a pea.
In just a little bit of time, you will begin to see me.

I am a tiny baby, in you I grow so strong.
You'll hold me in a few short months, it won't be very long.

I am a precious bundle, in you I still do grow.
I am your tiny baby, a feeling like you will never know.

I am a newborn joy, a baby delightful to hold.
Something that will never change, no matter how old.

I am a tiny child, a wonderful little girl.
Happy or sad, my face lights my mama's world.

I am a delightful, young schoolgirl, gaining knowledge every day.
My mama really loves me and helps me find my way.

I am a mature teen, going to dances and making friends.
My mom taught me well about how responsibility never ends.

I am an adult woman, who's future is incredibly bright.
My mom always worries about if she helped my grow up right.

I am a beautiful bride, my daddy walking me down the aisle.
Even through my mama's tears, I can still see her smile.

I am a brand new mother, as proud as one can be.
Thanks to my mama for all the strengths she gave me.