We have a name!

After much deliberation, we have decided on a name for the new girl. We had our share of disagreements on a befitting moniker for her. Her daddy liked Kimberly. No. He liked Sophia. It is a great name but our cat is named Sofie. You can see why this wasn't an option.

We like family oriented names. My father's great grandmother's name was Nettie Virgilene. Nice, but heck no! Daddy's mom was Eunice Ruth. Nice, but no. A friend of mine relied solely on family names. Her baby turned out to be Carmella Josephine Caltagirone. Um...

My grandmother's maiden name was Ivy. I liked it but wasn't sure about the girl's daddy. Apparently, it grew on him.

Mia had her own opinions on what her little sister's name should be. She loves that crazy aardvark, Arthur. I guess he is an aardvark, I'm still not sure. Mia has a book about the birth of his baby sister. Her name is Kate. I like Kate, kind of plain but sweet and maybe not as common, as say, Kaitlin. If it was a boy, she likes baby Huffington, a bunny from Max and Ruby. So, we have names that belong to fictional animals, maybe not the best choices. Huffington Lawrence doesn't quite have a ring to it. Maybe if he was going to be a butler.

Hubby and I decided to go with Ivy Paige. It sounds nice and isn't that common. Of course, when she starts school, there will probably be 6 other Ivy's in her class. At least we didn't go with Maureen.


Chelle said...
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Kimble-Wood said...

Oh, I love it!!! I think it is beautiful!