Baby Waves

I have booked my appointment at Baby Waves for October 8th. The whole gang is going, baby daddy, baby mommy(of course), big brother, big sister, nana and papa. It is going to be interesting, all of us stuffed in there to see the little one.

It is probably an unecessary expense, especially after Dr.O'Hara's office took over 45 minutes of sono pictures. I still want to do it! Mia was so crammed in there when we did hers, that not only did we not get charged but we really didn't get much of an idea of her face. I was 28 or 29 weeks, I think. This time, I will be 26 weeks so there should be some room for a view.

We found out what sex Mia was born before we went to Baby Waves. Of course, I had to ask if she was still a girl! Of course, she was, but you never know, maybe the other sono tech's didn't really see the girl parts?!? You can't be too careful.


Kimble-Wood said...

I did Baby Waves with Mariah and it was worth every penny. I wish I'd done it with Grayson. I can't wait to see pics! BTW, do you have a name yet?

Chelle said...

Baby waves is awesome and worth the money for sure!! I was estatic when I saw Jag's little face on there!! I had about 6 or so people in there! There was enough room :) Have fun!!