Ha, ha! Got you! I'm not talking about the baby, I am talking about my boobs! I would never guess that my boobs would become the center of my life, so to speak. My belly is starting to swell and become massive. My boobs clearly think there is some kind of competition going on that they are part of. I wish they would have told me. I feel like the bags of cement are now watermelons. I hate them. They wake me up. My nipples are also killing me. The other night, I woke up, my left nipple stuck to the underside of my arm! If that isn't bad enough, the cat seems to think they are stepping stones to lead her to a comfortable spot. Move on, kitty cat.

Darling husband thinks they are great and asked if I can keep them after the baby is born. Get out of here!


CNH said...

Haha! You shouldn't joke about such things! I did when we got our kittens and look what happened to ME! ;)

Diane said...

hahahah got to love having those huge knockers...i guess that's the one thing pregnancy does for the man in the relationship...lmao!