More blood

After my scary bleeding experience and skipping out on yet another amnio, I was told to ask for a blood test. Something called a second sequential. I had the first one so I guess it is best to have the second. I dutifully took my sticky note from the high risk doc to my regular doc. Only, because this day my regular doc was doing something else, delivering babies, or whatever, I saw the turtleneck cowboy instead. I was given the lab form and sent waddling upstairs to submit to yet another sticking by one of the techs that tells jokes, mostly unfunny. Somehow, the funny tech is out for lunch so I get someone that doesn't normally work in this particular lab. I'm in and out and told it would be just a couple of days. That was August 19th. Who has no results? Hmmm... Well, that would be me. The nurse calls wanting to know what lab I went to. I want to tell her that I drove to KC, directly to the place that does whatever it does to the blood. I refrain. Eventually, I am told that only an antibody test was done, no second sequential anything. So, tomorrow I am off, yet again, for a blood test. FUN!