Mommy, are you there?

I had an uneventful visit to Dr. Depew yesterday. I had the usual weigh and pee before I saw him. He isn't worried about the one-time bleeding episode and said that Dr. O'Hara said things were looking good as well. So, I am relieved. Baby has a good heartbeat and is getting big. Or, maybe it is me that is getting big, baby tummy big. Dr. Depew mentioned that I had actually lost some weight from the visit last Tuesday. I'm sure I blushed before I told him that we had been in Las Vegas and the buffets added a little to my weight. He laughed and said and said we are both on the weight track.

This morning, while contemplating getting up, I got a little tap. Just a little tap but I think someone was trying to tell me something. It seems the tiny girl is ready for action and letting me know!