A little scary

After our whirlwind vacation, I found myself staring at blood. Not something that I wanted to see, so naturally, I freaked out. I called Dr. Depew, and after arguing with the idiot from the doctor's service about when my birthday was, I left my info for the nurse to call me back. All she told me was that it probably wasn't anything. Well... It looked like something to me so we went off the hospital, where we spent the next 6 hours.

I gave blood, peed in a cup, had a sonogram and basically, laid around. Turns out that baby is great and it was probably just a little spotting and see your doctor the next day. I swear, they keep you there as long as they can, and do as little as they can to help you, then charge an arm and a leg.

I am supposed to have my amnio on Tuesday. I get into Dr. O'Hara's office and she explains that it is an increased miscarriage risk with second trimester bleeding on top of the amnio. Ok, well, let's scrap the amnio again.

After some calls, I get an appointment with another OB/GYN in the office. I am scheduled to get the Rhogam shot, some blood work, and if I am truly lucky, a pelvic! I do all of the usual peeing and undressing and wait for this new doc. Wow, is all I can say. He was very nice. He had a bad toupee, or maybe just really odd hair, a turtleneck and cowboy boots on. Now, that was a look! Not that I looked better, I was wearing a paper towel skirt that didn't quite fit, but I had some really cute shoes on, Taryn Rose, fuschia ballet flats with a crystal rose on top.

So, I have the pelvic. It was really fun. It hurt, maybe they could spray the speculum with some Pam or something. The doc pulled out these enormous glasses, um, hello, you are right up in my business, are you that blind? Anyway, I am declared blood free with a nice cervix?!?! I guess I wasn't aware that a cervix could be "nice," but I am ok with this. My shoes were nicer, but the doc didn't comment on them.

Lastly, I was given the shot. That Rh thing pretty much sucks. The nurse said I could have it in the hip or the arm. I had already bared all for the doc, so the show was over. She advised that it might burn. BURN? I couldn't believe how much it hurt! One would think since I had one with Mia that I would have remembered, however, I totally forgot how much it hurt. Enough with the needles, I hope to be done soon.

Oh, and one more thing! The nurse loved my shoes!