The Maxi

I have never slept particularly well. I toss, turn and rethink stuff from years ago. Being pg is no different. Now, I toss, turn, rethink stuff and go to the bathroom every 3 hours. I can't get comfortable unless I have a couple of pillows to shore me up. Occasionally, after hubby gets up, I will flop over and use his comfortably worn in body pillow. He has had it now for a couple of years and it is just the right thickness.

I had been hinting at the body pillow prospect for my birthday. I figured it would be great to hold my entire, rapidly expanding body. So, when I opened the enormous pillowcase, I was thrilled! I washed the cover and wrestled that pillow into it and zipped it close. I may have been wrestling an alligator, this thing was so big. Unfortunately, the pillow was in wrong and I had to do it again. By now, I am out of breath and sweating. Oh, well... I'm sure that I am going to be comfortable and sleep like a baby with a baby.

The next morning, I wake up, not particularly rested, and I see that my body pillow is laying in a heap next to the bed. Not good, why was it down there? I look over and my king size pillow is laying next to me. Apparently, I discarded the biggest pillow in the world for my old standby. Now, this is a great pillow. Maybe 5 feet long, nice and cushiony. Actually, it looks like a gigantic maxi pad, sans wings. I think I have Always beat.

I ask hubby if he will sleep with the maxi pad and he says ok, he will break it in for me. The next morning, he tells me that the case is too scratchy and the pillow is too big. So much for him getting it deflated.

I will try again tonight to cuddle up to my 5 foot long, maxi pad and hope that one night I will rest comfortably.