Sigh of relief!

I hadn't gotten the results of my glucose test from Thursday, so called the OB/GYN's office this morning to see what was up. My mom and I, with some close planning, figured out when was the best time for me to go for the big, fun 3 hour test. I was wanting to get it hashed out with the nurse and get it into my planner. I left a message and waited for the return call. I get it and, lo and behold, I have passed the test! WOW! I didn't pass with Mia and just naturally figured I wouldn't with Ivy. I was pretty happy and screamed into the phone. I'm sure the nurse thought I was nuts for getting excited but I didn't care. I am almost 29 weeks along. I can't believe how well and how similiarly easy this pregnancy has been. I feel very lucky.


ShirenaG said...

Glad the news was better than you expcted!

Chelle said...

YAY!! That's great Christie! Not too long now and you'll be holding precious Ivy in your arms!!