In need of a sitter

Yes, I am in need of a sitter. I am clearly afflicted with insomnia so badly, that I rise at 230 and can't fall back to sleep. It sucks. I go to bed at 10, get up at 1130 to pee, get up at 1230 to pee and can't go back to sleep. I toss and turn and then I begin to dwell on something that happened 12 years ago. It just isn't natural. I should be exhausted and dying to sleep, but I'm not. I try to take a nap when Mia does. The nap usually lasts about an hour and then I'm left watching a toddler doze. I am so tired that I literally can't see straight. The insomnia coupled with being stuffy isn't a good combo. So, I need a sitter. I would like one for just the weekend. Someone that is responsible, fun and will feed Mia her bock bock. Oh, and one that has an empty womb to tote Ivy around for awhile. I want a huge sleeping pill a boiling hot tub and my flannel pj pants. See you on Sunday!


Hannah said...

Yuck. :( That is awful! The insomnia while pregnant is just mean. I hope you get some sleep, and a sitter with an empty womb very soon!

Diane said...

Send them out here! I have a good womb, well my three kids came out good. And Mia will have a ton of fun playing with my girls and they can all try to dress up Tripp! Let me know when to expect them! Have you tried ambien? I had to take it while preggo with all three of my kids as I couldn't sleep and my OB's said it was okay to take while preggo! good luck!