You'd think I'd be a pro by now...

But, I'm clearly not. I went to Dr. D today and had to give the blood and pee that they normally ask for. Of course, I had to pee badly, so was thrilled after the nurse took my blood pressure and announced I could go. I close the door, drop my pants, roll up my sleeves and proceed to pee all over my hand. Of course, this makes me drop the cup, so I have to get another and start the entire process over. Good thing I had to really go, or it would have been an even bigger mess.

I drank my wonderful flavored cola glucose and waddled up the stairs. It was unpleasant and I will be taking the elevator from here on out. I am old and out of shape and it doesn't help that I have 9lbs of baby under my sweater. I sign in, sit down, they call me, I force myself up and into the lab chair. The bloodsucker asks where my paperwork is. I tell her the downstairs lady said they would have it, they do not. Another lady tries to find it in the computer, it is not there. So, instead of 1 vial of blood, they take 3, just in case. Ok, just hurry because I have to pee again.

Dr. D says I have gained 1lb from last month. This isn't taking into consideration that I am wearing a 6lb sweater and a 3lb vest because Miss Ivy isn't keeping me that warm and it is like 5 degrees. He looks at my massive tummy and says, "Wow, all your weight is baby." Yeah, I think I know that. She's good, I'm good, so we're done. I need a Rhogam shot next month and a flu shot too. Fun! Oh, and I will probably fail my glucose test, so will have to deal with that soon also. Nothing like 3 hours spent in the doctor's office with no food, nothing but water, a book and an arm full of holes.