Not much going on

I am now in the 28th week! I am tired, stuffy and if I eat a bite more than I should, I feel like I am going to explode! I have my glucose test on Thursday, fun. I really, really love soda, so this should be extra exceptional. To be honest, I don't drink soda, don't like it and really hate that sugary slime on my teeth. I am going to guzzle it at 803, brush my teeth, drop Mia at school, brush again and then head to the lab. Of course, I will fail and have to have the big 3 hour torture test. With Mia, I had to go visit with a nutritionist to make sure I knew how to mix all my food. After I answered questions regarding my addiction to laundry detergent, paint and dirt, we moved on. The nutritionist let me play with all kinds of plastic food! What a blast. I am keeping my fingers crossed that I will pass and be spared the big test. Of course, I can't cross my fingers because they hurt so bad from the carpal tunnel. I can't cross my legs because there is too much baby in there. Oh, well...