Baby stuff

I am waddling through the kitchen this am and flash the hubby a little glimpse of the bun. He takes a double take and then tells me that she appears to be dropping! Oh! Wow. That is kind of scary! I know I have several weeks to go but still... I am wondering if she may come early on her own. I do hope not! I have mentioned that I am no fan of pain, of any kind, therefore, this kind of news kind of scares me.

I am already having major stretching issues. The 400 times I wake up to readjust are due to pain in my lower regions. That, and the bun thinks the early morning is the perfect time to do aerobics.

On another note, we were at Target and I was trying to get a sense of all of the new gear that I will need for the bun. I told darling husband that I needed some nipples. He looked at me like I was crazy, stating mine seemed to be ok. Yeah, yeah. I stood and looked at the Avent line of nipples for a long time. They have 0 months, 3, 6 and beyond. Wow. I had no idea. Guess they are next on my purchase list because I am hoping that she will be able, or at least, open to taking a bottle. Maybe I can have a bit of uninterupted sleep sometime.