Yes, I am getting antsy for Miss Ivy to be born. We aren't even close to being done with her room, but that's ok, I am still ready. The more I think about the C section, the more nervous I get. With Mia, it was easy, I read about it and still didn't know what to expect. Now, I know what to expect and am very nervous. Two friends had C sections last year and felt all of the pain. One needed to have anesthetic because she felt like she wasn't breathing. This is not stuff that I want to consider but still, it is in the back of my mind. I filled out my birth plan, though it is pretty much anything goes at Wesley. You can say that you don't want a student anesthesiologist puncturing your back with a needle, but you don't necessarily get that. You can ask that 749 people don't come into the room, where you are draped from the neck up but completely naked from the chest down. All of the goods are right out there, from the dinner plate sized nipples, to the retro bush. Just what you want a bunch of student doctors and nurses to see. I'm sure they don't really care, but I can hear them in the hall, whispering amongst each other. "Did you see that woman? Has she ever heard of waxing? Good lord, I hope to never see something like that again!" Well, anyway...


Hannah said...

I hope and pray everything goes really well for you - I know it will! You are getting so very close!

And your dinner plate sized nipples have me cracking up. As well as the retro bush. LOL!