A craving

I haven't had a lot of cravings since I have been pg with Miss Ivy. Lately, though, there has been something. Back in October, we had our monthly Bunco game at Lori's house. I felt terrible later that night because I consumed more food than I should have, well, anyone should have. On the tables, she had peanut M&M's. I don't care for them, yet I probably ate all of them. Hmmm... Well, 3 bags later, I am guessing that they must be hitting the spot. I have snuck to Target after dropping Mia off at school, I have sent hubby to Dillon's to get other things and add some M&M's to the cart. I have hidden them in my dresser drawer too, not wanting to share. It is pretty sad that I am hiding them, but with my family, I won't get one if I don't. I am hoping to kick this habit pretty soon.

I visited Dr. D today and he informed me that I have lost 3lbs, which I directly attribute to my intake of peanut M&M's! Anyway, I got my check in time for the Ivy delivery. Still 13 January, with a check in time of 1130 and a surgery time of 130. I am already nervous. My surgery form says I will be in the hospital for 1 day! I had to question because I really don't think that only 1 day is enough. I was assured that I would get at least 3 days, thank God! The nurse wanted to see my ankles, I had to assure her that they were fine because I had to have darling daddy tie my boots because I couldn't bend over to do it myself. I am having regular contractions and lots of movement. I feel like some of my innards are bruised. She has dropped and is pressing on things that I don't think are particularly comfortable. Certain movements and I swear I am going to pee my pants. Dr. D assures me that this will all be over soon. Yeah, in a few weeks. Until then, I may have to invest in some Pull Ups for myself.