5 days

I have 5 days left til Ivy is here. I am not counting Tuesday, I can do that because I rounded the numbers and it is my baby. Anyway, I am thinking the last few days will be worse than all of the past days combined.

I am not sleeping. Ivy is clearly a gymnast in training and is practicing relentlessly on my innards. It does not help that I am also having those non-labor contractions. I figure my cervix is about a negative 10, if that it possible. I guess it wants me to have a longer gestational cycle than the average woman, or maybe elephant. So, with everything locked up, I am still waiting.

Everything hurts. Everything. Even my arms hurt. My nose is full of crap. Speaking of crap, I spend more time in the bathroom then someone that just ate at Long John Silvers. I think I am having a pre-birth cleanout. I'm glad, I feel some better then I did with the massive clog that seemed to ravage me for months. Between number 1 and number 2, I spend most of my time waddling to the bathroom only to figure out how to sit on the toilet. I told you this last few days were fun.

I am pretty happy that I get a little baby out of this! Watch out world, here she comes! Well, at least in 5 or so days.


Jen said...

I can't wait to meet her!! Yea!! I wish you felt better, but I do know where you are coming from. Take it easy Mama and try to get some rest, you will need it!!

Diane said...

Woooo hoooo the countdown is on! I am so excited for you!!! I hope these next couple days go well for you!

Chelle said...

YAY!! I can't wait to meet precious baby Ivy! Hang in there mama! It's almost time for you to hold your little miracle!