I know there are men obsessed by boobs. I never thought that I would become obsessed with them. Because I didn't nurse Mia, I had no idea what it would entail. Nursing Ivy, while fairly easy, has given me anxiety. For one, my boobs are huge and heavy. I swear that they must weigh 100lbs. each. When they become engorged, I feel horrible, like they are going to explode and spray milk all over the walls. I have, in fact, sprayed my poor baby in the face numerous times. It seems like my left boob is the rogue sprayer, always full and ready to go. It sucks, and I hate to say that since it is pretty cliche. Anyway, I have to pad up numerous times a day to prevent leaking, it isn't like I am embarrassed because I don't go anywhere for anyone to see the milk spreading across my shirt, it is just I hate to have that wet feeling and I only have so many bras I can change into. I have these pads called Lily Pads. They are more like big bandaids. I haven't used them because they use adhesive to stick on and that is a bit unnerving. I can't imagine having to tear one off my boob, like some kind of huge bandaid, yanking off delicate skin. Maybe I will get brave, sometime. My time of blogging is now done, as my little baby is crying. Wonder what she wants?


~* N *~ said...

Poor mama! Hang in there though, it DOES get better. Once your milk settles in a pattern and doesn't over produce. Also, once they get a bit more accostomed to feeding, they'll become less sore. You can try your lily pads then. They aren't really meant for those first months of feeding, cause like you said, things are too tender!

Have you tried the cabbage leaf relief yet?