Oops! Excuse, me!

Wow! Being pg can really give your body some noisy reminders. I catch myself burping like a sailor and farting like an elephant, several times a day. While it is embarassing, I feel so, so much better afterwards. I have read that some of the symptoms of pregnancy or constipation and heartburn. I don't recall much of this with Mia, but it is all hitting me now with a vengeance. With Mia, I had some early nauseation, but not so bad that I complained, or at least, not much. This time, I am complaining and was complaining back when I had my yearly physical. The doc chalked it up to something in my diet. Guess he was wrong! Anyway, I think that I have the nausea under control but this burping an farting seems to be unending. I ripped one the other day while I was sitting with Mia, watching that dreaded Caillou, and she stopped, looked at me, and said, "Was that you, Mama?" I laughed nervously and told her, that in fact, it was Icky, the dog. She didn't pass out, so I guess she moved on. While this phase of my bodily symphony may or may not continue, I am defintely not looking forward to the next phase, the endless peeing.

With Mia, I peed endlessly. I knew where all of the restrooms, good or bad, were. Sometimes I went twice at the same place. I peed roughly 12 times a night. It was bordering on ridiculousness. The OB/GYN said it would probably diminish by the 3rd trimester, it didn't. After my C-section, I had a cath, and obviously couldn't pee on my own. It was kind of nice. One of the nurses came in and told me that I needed to pee more because I was severly dehydrated. Well, of course, I was, I hadn't had anything to drink for hours. I demanded a drink, then another and another. I got to where she thought I should be urine speaking and felt alot better.

All I can say, is good luck to you if you are standing anywhere close when I let one rip. Hopefully, there will be an unsuspecting pet nearby.