Springing a leak

I was sitting propped up in bed the other night, reading, when I noticed the cat suspiciously sniffing at my shirt. There were 2 little wet spots right near my boob, which I figured she left from her little, wet nose. Well, no, apparently not. My left boob seems to have sprung a bit of a leak! Hmmm... I kind of figured it was a bit early for the boobie juice, but I guess not. I forced the cat off me and had a look. The dinner plate was clearly producing something of interest. I don't recall this happening with Mia but I know things are way different with baby Ivy P. For instance, I feel like I am lugging around 50 lbs of potatoes under my shirt. She moves like she is already taking dance lessons, shifting me from left to right. I have never been more constipated in my life. I have never consumed more peanut M&M's in my life. I guess every pregnancy is different, just as every baby is different. One thing that remains a constant is that I am ready to have the bun, just as I was with Mia.


~* N *~ said...

Poor mama doesn't get a break! Hopefully that won't happen again till Miss Ivy makes her debut.