Doctor visit

Nothing spectacular to report. Everything, including my ankles, are good. Dr. D is pleased with everything. He did show some concern for the fact that I can barely stand upright and mentioned that it must really bother me because I have never complained to him. Well, yeah, it hurts but apparently I am stuck with it for the next 5, count them, 5 weeks. By the time my C section arrives, I will likely be prostrate somewhere in the basement, a pile of laundry covering my massive frame. The nurse did tell me that he would be glad to check me to see if I was dilated. Glad to check me? Wow, I seriously doubt that, but I decided to pass. I go back in 2 weeks for my early Christmas present, a hepatitis swab of the vagina and maybe if Dr. D is lucky, a quick poke at my cervix. Merry Christmas, Dr. D!


Hannah said...

Glad to hear all is well, but I'm sorry you're having such a rough go at walking. :(